Purchase of loan debts is a line of credit available to refinance loans from Federal, Municipal and State Public Servants, Retirees, Pensioners and also to Army, Aeronautics and Navy Military personnel who, because they have no assignable margin for new operations, sell their loans to others institutions, other important fact, on the payroll it is no longer possible besides the purchase of debts make new discounts to obtain money.

Buying loan debts


The purchase of debt is currently being confused with “transfer of debt, renewal of the term of the loan refinancing in the same financial institution or selling to another institution that has better conditions.”

The operation has been very useful and advantageous for borrowers who have made loans at banks or financial institutions with very high interest rates and wish to reduce the value of these discounts on their payroll. Buying debts also serves to focus all your loans on a single financial institution or to extend the loan again to get a change.

Credit Portability

Credit Portability

Credit portability is a financial transaction that gives the condition to the customer who has contracted a debt with a certain interest rate in a certain bank and can transfer their loan or financing to another institution that offers a more affordable offer.

Not all Brazilian citizens are aware of the credit portability operation, despite its existence since 2006, only now portability is being stimulated by the government and the Central Bank, and ignored by financial institutions for not being an interesting operation for them.

To facilitate credit, one bank makes it possible to settle the customer’s debt at the other bank. Then recalculate the conditions of the loan to the borrower already with the lower rates, facilitating the transfer of debt.

Debt transfer

Debt transfer

The transfer of debts brings a small financial advantage to the client when he decides to exchange an expensive debt for a cheaper one. With this interest war stimulated by the public banks between banks, it is recommended that the person make more detailed comparisons on the rates before negotiating.

Large banks are facilitating the transfer of debt and financing debts , you can either sell your debts (buy debts from banks), make credit portability or request debt transfer.

Renegotiation, purchase of loans and purchase of debt

Purchase of debt and financing debts

Types of loans, loans and financing that fall within the modalities:

  1. Conventional Personal Loans and Personal Loans;
  2. Payroll-deductible loans or payroll deductible loans;
  3. Vehicle financing or Car loans;
  4. Real estate financing or Real estate loans;
  5. Direct Consumer Credit or Consumer Credit.


Payroll credit portability


In the payroll, the installments are directly debited from the benefit or salary of retirees or employees of private companies. It is currently one of the fastest, easiest and no-bureaucratic loans available to individuals.

Interest rates are around 2.08% and in the paycheck card 3% but even if the interest is low, if the contractor does not have a good financial relationship, this loan can affect the family budget and increase the interest payment costs. even lead to over-indebtedness and name for restrictive agencies.

Payroll-deductible loans or paycheck-deductible loans are one of the easiest ways to make credit portability, “sell the debt to another bank,” or transfer the debt.


When to request portability, purchase of debt or transfer?


When to request portability, purchase of debt or transfer?


As long as you find that the interest of the current loan is very high and the interest charged at the moment by the banks and financial institutions are lower than when you hired. It is also feasible when you want to keep a change of the operation in the pocket, that is, in the exchange of banks there will most often be a difference that can be returned to the borrower.