Is it with the margin? Do you need extra money? Is it a Federal, SIAPE, Army, Navy, or Air Force Server, and you have no more room to file any loans? Make the purchase of debt to open margin and carry out a new loan.

How Does Buying Debt Loans Work? This option is very useful for those who already have one or more payday loans at the moment, want some extra money for any need. The transaction of buying debts is very easy, just do the “renewal within the loan” in another bank or financial. The new conditions are much better.

Purchase of loans and financing debts

Purchase of loans and financing debts


In general the purchase of debt results in the surplus of a value between the old loan and the new loan, that extra money from the purchase of debt is deposited directly into the current account of the contractor by the creditor financial institution of the operation.

Who can make the purchase of debt? The purchase of debts is a credit line directed to Federal Servers SIAPE, Municipal or State Servers and, especially to Military of the Armed Forces of the Army, Navy and Aeronautics that already have their margins taken.

If you fit the profile of one of these types of borrowers, you have already paid part of one or more loans, and you want to transfer the loans by purchasing debt from one bank to another and / or to release the balance already paid. Do not waste time!

It is worth mentioning that the greater the number of installments already amortized in your monthly payment in the Counter-Check or Sol, Pension or SIAPE Retirement, the greater the amount credited to your bank account.

When is it advantageous? The purchase of debt is an advantageous loan for Servitors, Military, Pensioners, Retirees of the SIAPE and the Armed Forces who have made consignments in banks and financial in previous periods with very high interest rates.

“Buying your debts with a new bank” you will minimize some discounted costs on your sheet, will withdraw extra payments tied to these hirings and will even free up funds for you.

Banks Buying Debts


Banks Buying Debts


Renegotiation, purchase of loans and purchase of debt

In most operations, the indication is for those who want to save on installments, the transaction reduces the amounts that are being subtracted monthly, also for those who want to “consolidate all their loans” in a single bank or financial.

Take this opportunity! Make a debt purchase of your loans!