Personal microcredit: the quick mini-credit loan online

  What is personal microcredit? Personal microcredit or mini credit is only for certain beneficiaries. The latter are in a delicate financial or professional situation and can not apply to financial institutions for conventional bank credit. Nevertheless, there are no defined income conditions, you just have to justify a personal project related to professional or

How Equity P2p Loan Works. For your company !?

  For your company !?Equity Crowdfunding or “Equity P2p loan”? There is no doubt that the 21st century has proven the era of collaborative work and business growth founded on cooperation. With the recession that hit the planet since 2008, this has become increasingly essential in the economy.   An example of this are P2P

Purchase of Debt, Transfer or Credit Portability

  Purchase of loan debts is a line of credit available to refinance loans from Federal, Municipal and State Public Servants, Retirees, Pensioners and also to Army, Aeronautics and Navy Military personnel who, because they have no assignable margin for new operations, sell their loans to others institutions, other important fact, on the payroll it

Helping Small Businesses Get Loans

  Help small businesses get loans Canada’s Small Business Financing Program helps small businesses obtain loans from financial institutions by sharing risk with lenders. In the last 10 years, small businesses have received more than $ 9.5 billion in asset-backed financing, representing more than 63,000 loans. Who is eligible? Small Canadian start-up or for-profit businesses