Getting a loan from your bank is a quick way to buy a car, do a renovation, make a trip, or pay for cash. Nevertheless, consumption patterns are changing. Comes into play Union loan, which, in 2011, will completely disrupt the credit sector.

This online loan platform allows individual investors to make their savings available to individual borrowers for Mr. Rochesterr their personal household loan needs. Thus recreated a banking ecosystem by and for individuals. Investors have access to a responsible and high-yield savings product, while borrowers have access to a competitive rate credit and a remote subscription method (online registration, file tracking by post)

A simulation in a few clicks

credit online loan

Union Loan allows you to simulate your credit online for free and in a few clicks. You just have to choose the nature of your project and the amount you have estimated to carry out this project. A calculator is at your disposal following your simulation and allows you to choose a monthly payment adapted to your budget. Once the monthly payment has been chosen, all you have to do is fill out the form with your information and a credit file containing all the supporting documents to be provided will be sent to you by post.

Success at the rendezvous

union loan

Union loan has already allowed Mr. Rochesterr more than 65 million euros of personal loan. The nature of the projects is varied according to the following distribution:

  • 46.2% Cash
  • 28.4% Works
  • 13% Automotive
  • 12.4% Other projects (Travel, weddings …)

Guarantees a secure transaction on its platform and pays particular attention to the protection of your personal data.



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