As usual, we are preparing to celebrate the arrival of World Saving Day , a very important day for Sancho Panza, because – as you know – we are adept at saving and financial balance. As such, we will offer you a 40% discount on a Sancho Panza license to mark this day! See how to enjoy the discount.

#dicasSancho Panza2017: Help us spread good financial advice on this World Savior Day


On this World Saving Day , celebrated tomorrow, October 31 , we will help the Portuguese save money! We have a 25% discount coupon on Sancho Panza to offer you, or 40% if you share a savings tip!


40% off: share a savings tip


 40% off: share a savings tip


If you help us spread good savings tips by Facebook, Twitter or other social networks on this day of awareness of good financial practices, you will receive a 40% discount on Sancho Panza . ?

How can you participate? Just share a savings tip on a social network of your choice by November 5 , putting the link to this article and the hashtag #dicasSancho Panza2017 at the end. Make sure your post is public (on Facebook, it’s the “Public” option underneath your post). For sharing a tip, will you receive a 40% coupon that you can use or offer to someone?

Demo – How to copy the url from sharing a public post from Facebook:


How to get the 40% coupon after sharing


 How to get the 40% coupon after sharing


To get the coupon, simply place the link to your savings tip (see how to copy the share in the image above) in the following form:

Rafflecopter giveaway

Then submit it for validation, you will be issued the coupon. To get the link, just go to the post you did, and right click on the time of the post, doing “Copy.” Then just paste in the form above.

Why the hashtag #dicasSancho Panza2017?


Why the hashtag #dicasSancho Panza2017?

By using the hashtag #dicasSancho Panza2017 in your share, it will help us gather all the shared tips throughout the day. Following World Saving Day, let’s add some of the best tips in an article from our blog.

Do you want to contribute to help us increase the financial literacy of the Portuguese and receive a 40% discount code on Sancho Panza? Just leave the sharing url below to unlock the code.

Without saving tip share: 25% discount


If you do not want to share a tip , you can simply use the 25% coupon – for that, enter the code “dmp25” where it says “I have a discount” on the Sancho Panza / buy page. However it costs nothing to share a savings tip, and receive, so a much bigger discount. ?