Money is a great tool to fulfill our material needs, and is the only means to do so. Money helps make your life financially successful and comfortable, so it is important to always have enough.

However, many people treat money not as a tool, but as a goal and to do things with money that it is unsuitable for. However, money is not the purpose of our lives, it is not the source of our happiness and contentment, it is not money that makes sense in our daily lives, nor does money help us through spiritual problems or tribulations.

When one expects more money than just meeting his physical needs, his life is often mistaken for money.

What are the signs of this?


1, You always buy when you are sad / tossed / lonely.

Some people immediately go shopping if they feel lonely, have a fight with their partner, are depressed, or have just made a good deal. After a while, you may develop a condition called English shopaholic for alcoholism and shopping. By this time, shopping is already becoming an addiction, and many are fleeing from their problems rather than seeking a real solution to their problems.

2, Man is worth as much money as he can.

Others who struggle with self-esteem seek money for proof. They consider money and wealth to be a success, and they hope that because of their wealth, people will value them more than others. Quite precisely, they hope that because of their wealth people will appreciate them too. (Mostly, there is a sense of self-pity and inferiority behind such a big deal.)

I have a good news


Your wealth has nothing to do with how much you are worth as a person. You can be a loving father, a valuable mother, a useful member of society in the poor, and a useless element of the same society in a rich way. Your self-esteem problems will not be solved by money, but a good psychologist can help you accept yourself and look upon yourself as a valuable person. Because you are.

3, If I have a lot of money, I will be a happy man.

Until one has something, one may realize that one’s life is not happy because one is still missing. If I get rich, I will be satisfied and happy, many people profess.

Then, when you reach the level you were financially aiming for, you realize that you are still as unhappy as you were before. Because you expect money that you cannot give: happiness and meaning to your life. And neither the first hundred million nor the second hundred million, nor even the third billion, can give you that. Like the swimming pool, the big car and the huge house.

4, You are afraid of missing out

There was a song a long time ago: “If my youth passes away, what’s left for me?”. This is a very good expression of the attitude of many people to life. Live for today because you have only one life, every minute is to be enjoyed, many people profess.

That’s why you need to spend all your money on buying experiences at every moment of your life. Far-east vacations, parties, excursions, big meals at expensive restaurants, and the gathering of every experience and impulse every day that can only be bought for money.

Such a person spends all his money on experiences because he is afraid of missing out on something if he misses anything in his life. You really want to make money for your money here too, but you have to realize that the money experience doesn’t make any sense to your life.

5, Money dirty

On the other end, when one realizes that money cannot solve the problems of one’s life, one begins to blame the money for the problems.

Therefore, he escapes to asceticism, rejects everything that is associated with material goods. Money contaminates, makes a bad person, selfish, it can only be saved by completely denying material goods.

This is as much a mistake as looking at money as a life purpose


Just as having the money does not make you happy, you will not be a better person for a second than refusing money. You will at most be a fanatical, screwed up and sour ascetic, nothing more.

Because money is still just a tool to fulfill your physical needs. No more, no less. If you look at it and use it for what it is, it will make your life fuller and easier. But as soon as you expect something else, you can lead your whole life astray.

Update: To avoid further unnecessary comments, this article is not about making money a bad thing, or that it wouldn’t be easier to make enough money without it, or that it wouldn’t be better to be rich than poor, to have trouble by car. If you wanted to describe this, read the article again. If you have any other opinions, please let us know. Yeah, and that means that money doesn’t make you happy and that it doesn’t make you happy. I didn’t write the former by accident.